What is v-lyne

The v-lyne vertical lifeline is a safety device used in work at height to prevent falls. This lifeline is designed to protect workers performing vertical tasks, such as climbing or descending structures, towers, poles or other similar environments. Here are some key points about vertical lifelines:

The v-lyne vertical lifeline must be installed safely and in accordance with local regulations and safety standards.
Installation must be carried out by trained and authorized personnel.

Inspection and Maintenance:
Regular inspection of the v-lyne lifeline should be performed to ensure its integrity and proper functioning. For this purpose Elytra makes available to its customer Elytra Inspect System.

Workers using vertical lifelines must be trained on their proper use and maintenance.
They must understand how to connect and disconnect from the lifeline and how to handle emergency situations.

Standards and Regulations:
In terms of certifications, v-lyne complies with both the European standard, EN 353:1 and 2, and the North American standard, AINSI Z359-2.

v-lyne, línea de vida vertical de Elytra

Types of v-lyne bindings

Central mounting
with cantilever outlet
Linea de vida vertical con salida a voladizo, Elytra v-lyne
Central mounting
without cantilever outlet
Linea de vida vertical sin salida a voladizo, Elytra v-lyne
Side mounting
marine scale
linea de vida vertical con fijación lateral escala marina, elytra v-lyne

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