Swing or pendulum falls

What is a swing or pendulum fall?

With regard to safety at height, swing or pendulum falls are those in which the worker is secured to an anchorage device such as a lifeline or anchor point and, as a result of the poor design or use of the connection between the anchor and harness, in the event of a fall, the user would swing like a pendulum and could strike the ground.

What is the risk of a swing fall?

The problem arises during a fall that is located horizontally away from a fixed anchor point, that is, a fall that creates a pendulum, such as that occurring on the eaves of a building. The greater the span of the building, the greater the swing fall occurring in a perpendicular direction to the fall protection system.

caida con balanceo seguridad en altura elytra

If the roof pitch makes it possible to prevent the fall with anti-pendulum anchors, then as many are as necessary can be mounted.

Depending on the number of anti-pendulum points that need to be installed, it may be more cost effective to install complete fall arrest systems, provided that, as stated in the standard, the roof pitch does not exceed 15º, the maximum deviation for a horizontal lifeline.

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