Fall restraint

Restricción de caída
What is it?

In terms of fall protection, we refer to access limitation, restriction or restraint as the technique which, in certain cases, prevents a person from going beyond a fixed point or place by combining attachment to an anchor device with the use of specific protective equipment, thereby preventing a fall.

If, as shown in the drawing, the combination of protective equipment and the lifeline prevents a person from going beyond a given point, which is an edge from which he or she could fall, then a fall is being prevented.

The positive note about fall restraint is that, when performed correctly, the fall is completely prevented. There is therefore no need to calculate the clearance required to arrest the fall, neither is it necessary to consider the loads exerted on the ends.

On a negative note, with regard to fall restraint, this is not always achieved. It can only be achieved in certain circumstances and using specific techniques.

Concepts about fall protection systems