e-nchor, the new range of anchor points by Elytra, all certified to EN 795-A:2012, includes elements for mounting on the structure and also the ARC load reducing version for mounting on lightweight roofing.

What's more, we've also developed the top Anchor, an anchor point that can be mounted on ladders, offering every guarantee with regard to use.



e-nchor point is yet another of Elytra's latest innovations. Certified to EN 795-A:2012, it rotates 360º on its own axis. Made in Stainless Steel, grade AISI 316, it is designed to be used by one user. The e-nchor can be mounted on horizontal surfaces, whether upwards or downwards. It can also be installed on vertical surfaces.

Punto de anlcaje e-nchor sobre línea de vida e-lyne ARC
e-lyne ARC, Anclaje Reductor de Cargas

e-nchor ARC

We have specifically designed these Load Reducing Anchor ARC posts for lightweight roofing. Their main function is to offer the maximum absorption of the impact generated by the fall. As they are installed directly on the surface in question, this reduces the time required to mount our systems.

Its use is compatible with the e-lyne lifeline system and the e-nchor anchor point.



top-nchor, this anchor point, EN 795-A:2012, has been specifically developed for installation on vertical ladders. The anchor, which is directly secured to the ladder rungs, is designed to extend one metre upwards from the last rung of the ladder. This makes it possible to move onto a safe platform before uncoupling from the anchor point.

top-nchor de Elytra

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