E-lyne, the digital era’s horizontal lifeline system

E-lyne is the engineered fall protection system developed by Elytra. With almost three decades of experience in the installation of such systems, the design of our very own system has focused on ensuring that technical improvements go hand in hand with technological solutions.

Technical improvements:
  • Certified to EN 795:2012
  • Spans of up to 18M
  • Lower end anchor forces.
Technological improvements:
  • After-sales documentation management system
  • Online configuration of the engineered fall protection system

After-sales e-lyne documentation management

We have developed a documentation management system around the e-lyne, which will allow you to:

  • As the owner of the fall protection system, you will be able to get all the fall protection system-related documentation whenever you want.
  • As the system installer, you can download our App to your smartphone or tablet, to allow you to check your fall protection system at any time.

ARC e-lyne

The new energy absorbing system for lightweight roofs

The new ARC (load reducing anchor) incorporates an internal wall to wall friction system which, together with the deployment of the conventional inner spring, reduces the load at the critical braking moment.

How it works:
  • Once the initial impact has been lessened, thanks to the wall to wall friction system
  • he spring comes into operation, which lengthens in relation to the load generated by the fall
  • Reduction in the free fall distance, generating less impact on the roof.
  • The base plate securing the anchor post absorbs the impact, preventing damage to the roofing.

Components of the new e-lyne engineered fall protection system

Line tensioner

tensor linea de vida horizontal elyne elytra

To tighten the e-lyne, all you need is a torque wrench. The crimping is indicated on the cable entry port.


conector linea de vida horizontal elyne elytra

Designed to be mounted in straight lines of less than 100 metres in length. This part also shows the exact points at which the cable needs to be crimped.

Intermediate guide

intermedio linea de vida horizontal elyne elytra

With 5 different positions, the intermediate anchor is designed to dissipate the initial impact of the fall.

Corner bracket

curva linea de vida horizontal elyne elytra

Designed with a suitable swivel angle to ensure that the traveller can easily turn. models with either a 90º angle or 45º angle are available


carro elyne elytra linea de vida seguridad altura

Compact and lightweight, the traveller features a triple safety system that will give you great peace of mind as you work.


Minimises the end anchor forces, making it possible to secure the line ends to less critical points.


E-lyne fall protection system configurator

Our new fall protection system configurator allows us to maximise the simplicity of our quote management process.

And this has been achieved by focussing the entire process on the most important factor: the calculation.
From now on, if you've got a tablet, then you'll even be able to make an on the spot quote, by using the data for the case in question.

Once you've used the configurator to define the best solution for you, and you've got the calculation with the loads and the minimum free fall distance:

  • You'll get the itemisation of the materials required for your particular case.
  • And the cost of the same.
  • You'll also get up-to-date information on the stock level for the references available in our warehouse.
  • You'll have an area for entering photos and/or drawings so that, should you have any doubts as to the viability of your project, we can give you technical support.

Training for the installation of

This video will show you what you need to take into account when mounting our new engineered fall protection system: